The High Ropes Program ultimately exists to support the mission of the H. E. Butt Foundation, which is:

To cultivate wholeness in people and institutions for the transformation of communities.

The specific goal of the High Ropes Program is to support Canyon programs by providing a memorable and adventurous experience for Canyon guests that serves to deepen their understanding of God, themselves, and others.

High Ropes Program Benefits

High Ropes activities offer proven means of personal and spiritual transformation by providing opportunities to take risks, to trust, and to learn in a managed environment. Activities similar to ours are used around the world every day to help participants learn about God, themselves, and working with others, while making a memory doing something unusual. A few of the key components to the High Ropes experience are:

  • Risk — Risk is an important component of the Christian life. High Ropes activities are a laboratory where participants can learn about taking risks and how they respond to risk in a controlled environment. These lessons easily transfer to other areas of life, where risks are usually not so concrete or time efficient.
  • Trust — Trust is also a foundational principle of faith. On the high elements, participants literally trust their belayer with their lives and must trust other team members in other ways.
  • Team-building — High Ropes activities are a great way to build unity and cooperation through group processing and shared experience.
  • Fun — Most of us can agree that zipping across the Canyon, rappelling off of a cliff or climbing to the top of the Alpine Tower is just plain fun!
  • Memory-makers — We give guests opportunities to do things that most people in the world do not have. These unique experiences are the things people remember for a very long time.

High Ropes Activities

Canopy Tour
Alpine Tower
Individual Elements
Climbing Sites
Rappel Sites

Safety Procedures

The safety procedures below should be followed in the operation of any Foundation High Ropes activity. For the full list, please download the manual below.

  • Any use of a High Ropes element must be under the direct supervision of a certified Facilitator.
  • Any use of an element must be approved by a High Ropes Director.
  • Appropriate steps should be taken to identify, warn, and physically limit access to any High Ropes element or any equipment.
  • Manufacturer recommendations and requirements of inspections and maintenance shall be followed.
  • All Participants must fill out a health form and indemnity agreement before participation on any High Ropes elements.

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High Ropes Staff

The Foundation High Ropes Program is run by a team of staff and contractors who work together to ensure that the Participants have the highest quality experience. Below is a list of the different members of the High Ropes team. For a complete list of roles and responsibilities, read the full HR manual.

Sr. Director of Outdoor School is a full-time employee of the Foundation and will oversee all aspects of the Foundation High Ropes Program
High Ropes Directors (Outdoor School Staff) will oversee and assist in the daily operation of the High Ropes Program.
High Ropes Facilitator (HR Facilitator) is a certified position responsible for the direct operation of any of the High Ropes elements in the Canyon.
High Ropes Helpers are responsible for helping Participants put on the gear required for an element as well as the supervision of the group while an element is in use.

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Training & Certification

To ensure the highest level of risk management for our guests, all HR staff must go through a rigorous training and evaluation process before they may participate as a staff member in an HR activity.

Read more about certification requirements and practice procedures in the full HR manual we’ll use in training.

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Facilitator Guide

High Ropes facilitators are the hands (or gloves) of the High Ropes program. The success of each activity and the High Ropes program altogether hinges around facilitators who know what they’re doing on all elements in the Canyon and who can execute their practices well.

From Eldorado to Alpine Tower, read how to facilitate each High Ropes activity by downloading the full HR manual below.

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Additional Information/ Appendices

Download the full High Ropes manual for more on the following:

Definitions — This is a list of the terms used in this manual and the specific way that the terms are used.
Near-Miss Report Form — This is a form for Facilitators to fill out if they experience a “near miss” while operating a High Ropes element. A “near miss” is when something could have gone wrong but didn’t, something happened that caused a Participant to have a bad experience, or a Participant was injured in a minor way that did not require medical attention.

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Download the full High Ropes manual we'll use during training.


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