The Mountain Biking Program ultimately exists to support the mission of the H. E. Butt Foundation, which is:

To cultivate wholeness in people and institutions for the transformation of communities.

The specific goal of the Mountain Biking Program is to support the mission of Canyon programs by providing a safe, memorable, and transformative experience while introducing guests to an activity they can do at home to stay active, and have fun outdoors.

MTB Trails

The MTB program operates across several different trails on over 1900 acres of the Frio River Canyon. Because of the diverse terrain of the trails, protocol may differ slightly between sites. The MTB trails can be broken down into 4 primary sites:

Silver Creek
Headwaters Lower Loop
Headwaters Upper Loop
Singing Hills Playfield

Safety Procedures

The safety procedures below should be followed when operating mountain bikes in the Canyon. For the full list, please download the manual below.

  • Bikes and trails may only be utilized during daylight hours.
  • When crossing a road, be alert and block the road until everyone from your group has crossed.
  • Always yield to hikers and pedestrians.
  • Do not pass another rider without letting them know.
  • Do not pass riders when it is dangerous or difficult to do so.
  • Facilitators should perform safety checks before every ride.

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Participant Requirements

Mountain Biking can be physically and emotionally demanding. To ensure that all participants have a positive experience, the following participant requirements must be met:

  • The participant does not have a physical problem that might be aggravated by participation in the activity.
  • Facilitators should ensure participants are physically and emotionally capable of safely participating (e.g., age, emotional state, limited physical ability, etc.).
  • Fifteen (15) participants is the max group size for any MTB activity and must be led by at least two (2) trained facilitators.

Facilitator Guide

Waterfront Program staff are important not only for the success of the Waterfront Program, but for the safety of all Canyon guests. The waterfront experience hinges around staff who know what they’re doing and are trained for all waterfront activities.

Read more about procedures and guidelines in the full manual.

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Download the full Mountain Biking manual we'll use during training.


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