The Shooting Sports Program ultimately exists to support the mission of the H. E. Butt Foundation, which is:

To cultivate wholeness in people and institutions for the transformation of communities.

The specific goal of Shooting Sports is to support the mission of Canyon programs by providing a safe, memorable, and educational experience for Canyon guests that serves to introduce them to proper firearms and archery use and enrich their visit in the Canyon.

Shooting Sports Activities

Shooting Sports activities are instructional in nature and provide a very broad introduction into the world of riflery, archery, and shotgunning.

Rimfire Rifles
Air Rifles

Range Descriptions

Singing Hills — Located next to the Singing Hills Group Games Field

Echo Valley — Located behind the rodeo arena

Headwaters Archery Range — Located above the Blue Hole parking lot along fenceline

Headwaters Rifle & Shotgun Range — Located on the backside of the road that goes to Circle Bluff

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Safety Procedures

The following policies and safety standards must be followed in the operation of any Shooting Sports activity:

  • Participation in any Shooting Sports activity must be under the direct supervision of two (2) Shooting Sports Facilitators and a trained Shooting Sports Manager with a vehicle.
  • No group will be left unsupervised during a Shooting Sports activity at any time, for any reason.
  • Appropriate steps must be taken to prevent access to firearms, bows, and ammunition when they are not being used.
  • Shooting Sports equipment must be regularly inspected and maintained according to guidelines included in this manual.

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Facilitator Guide

Shooting Sports staff are important not only for the success of Shooting Sports activities, but for the safety of all Canyon guests. This experience hinges around staff who know what they’re doing and are trained for all Shooting Sports activities.

Read more about procedures and guidelines in the full manual.

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There's More!

Download the full Shooting Sports manual we'll use during training.